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Use the Watchlist to easily track token performance and activity, without needing to hold the token.


Unibot X
Add to watchlist
  • Clicking ⭐️ to the right of the token graph Search button will add the token to your Watchlist panel.

Watchlist with tokens added
  • Fingerprint - Click the Fingerprint icon to open the Token Scan popup, which provides a Honeypot detector and Tokenomics analyser.
  • Token - Clicking the token name opens the graph of that token.
  • Delete - Click the trash icon on the watchlisted token to remove it from the watchlist.

Watchlist (marketcap/volume and % change toggled)
  • Marketcap/Volume - The Marketcap/Volume column header can be clicked to toggle between showing Marketcap or Volume.
  • % Change - The % change column header can be clicked to toggle between timeframes.