📥Limit Buy Orders


Why didn't my limit order trigger?

A limit order may not have triggered for multiple reasons:

  1. The limit order takes into consideration the price impact of your potential swap. Even if the market price moved close to the trigger, it may be that your order would move the price out of trigger range.

  2. Swaps for that token may have been executed before you in the block, thereby affecting the token price and causing your order to fail.

What is the maximum expiry time for a limit order?

There is no limit on the expiry time you can use.

How is the token's USD price computed?

Every block, limit orders are trigger checked by computing the USD price of the token:

  1. The pool reserves of the token trading pair, and your token input amount, are used to calculate the equivalent ETH amount for your tokens.

  2. The USD price of ETH is calculated based off the USDC-WETH Uniswap pool.

  3. The two previous results are used to compute the equivalent USD price of your tokens.


  • Token - The contract address of the token you intend to limit buy.

  • Amt - The amount of ETH you want to buy with.

  • Expire - The amount of hours before the order expires and is automatically cancelled.

  • Delete Order - Each limit order you create is presented in a numbered list under Existing Orders. To delete a limit order you simply enter its list number. Example given below.

  • Select Wallets - Choose which wallets you want to buy with in parallel.

  • Add Order - Choose from preset % price decreases, or enter a custom percentage. After entering, your limit order will be created (but not triggered).

  • Limit Buy Summary - The summary appears because a token address is entered.

    - Current token price and market cap. - Current amount of tokens you would receive for your inputted Amt. - Example % price decreases and the equivalent market cap and token price.

  • Existing Orders - Each new limit order you create is added to this list, which gives a summary of each order.

  • Select Order To Delete: Entering "2" in the above example of Existing Orders would delete the limit order for 0.25 ETH.

  • Buy Limit - Return to the buy limit menu.

  • Support Ticket - Open a support ticket in relation to this specific transaction.

  • Main Menu - Return to the main menu.

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