Is Unibot secure?
  • Private keys are encrypted using industry standard encryption. No one has access to it. Not on our server, database, or stored on website, etc.

  • Unlike CEX, users have access to their private keys of Unibot generated trading wallets. You can import your keys to Metamask and have full control over your funds in Unibot at any time

  • Always treat your wallet as a hot wallet.

  • We'll be upgrading features to bring more comfort over your wallet security in the future. E.g. auto-transfer ETH out when your balance exceeds a custom threshold amount.

How are private keys stored?
  • Private keys are encrypted at-rest and in-transit using industry standard symmetric key encryption/decryption.

  • Private keys are not stored in our servers, databases, etc.

How should I use Unibot wallets?

You should always treat your Unibot generated trading wallets as hot wallets, like you would with any CEX. That means:

  1. You should only store assets you use for actively trading.

  2. Do not import your personal wallets to Unibot unless you have a very clear reason to do so.

  3. Regenerate new wallets from time to time.

However, the advantage of Unibot over CEXes is that users have the ability to export the private keys of their Unibot generated trading wallets. You can import your keys to your wallet of choice and have full control over your assets at any time.

What security improvements are planned for the future?

We have a number of features planned:

  1. Auto-transfer ETH if the balance is over a user-specific threshold.

  2. Whitelist specific addresses for ETH & Token transfers.

  3. 2FA for security sensitive actions.

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