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Error Failure Message Meaning

For all swaps, we add a short deadline so if the transaction isn't confirmed on the same block or two (depending on the feature) it fails. This is a built-in feature to avoid late transactions and hitting price fluctuations.

This failure means the amount of tokens you are attempting to buy is unavailable. The liquidity pool does not have enough tokens. You see this failure when sniping. There are 2 reasons why this failure might happen:

1. The sniper you mirrored messed up and put in the wrong amount of tokens to buy, usually due to entering the wrong amount of decimals for the token. In this case, the person either messed up reading the smart contract or made a careless mistake while setting up his sniper. I'd re-examine if you want to be mirroring this person and if he is prone to messing up.

2. In rare cases this is due to antibot from deployers. Some deployers add a different amount of tokens to the pool than the max supply. When this is the case they shave off decimals. So if max supply is 1,000,000,000, they may add 1,000,000 to the pool and burn 999,000,000. If you we're mirroring someone, they set up the snipe based off of the 1,000,000,000 max supply. There isn't much the sniper you mirrored can do about it, and the sniper you mirrored did not mess up.

You see this failure message when the numbers of the swap transaction paramaters is wrong. For the mirror sniper that means the person you mirrored messed up setting up the snipe, usually due to entering the wrong amount of decimals for tokens to buy and/or for amount of tokens out.

This error is due to slippage. You were not able to buy the minimum amount of tokens desired for the swap or snipe. If your slippage is too low, consider increasing it. If your slippage is reasonable, that means there was a big fluctuation in the token price and in this case the failure was a security feature that prevented you from buying on top of a pump.

This failure has different meanings depending on the situation, but the underlying meaning is that something in the transfer function of the token's contract stopped the swap. See below for the general meanings depending on your situation.

If you are sniping or buying, the likely reason for the error message is that trading isn't enabled it and the snipe was early before trading was enabled.

If your running the mirror sniper to mirror snipes, that means the sniper you mirrored set the wrong snipe settings either due to user error or reading the smart contract improperly. You should re-consider mirroring this sniper and do additional audits to his wallet transactions.

For selling, the likely scenario is that the contract is honeypotted. Either the deployer did a malicious function to honeypot the contract, your wallet was blacklisted, or the contract was malicious from the start.

In some rare cases for sells, the failure is due to inefficiencies in the token's contract and the token is not honeypotted and is sellable. If this is the case, you can try selling again.

This means your Max ETH value was too low to buy the amount of tokens desired.

For swaps, that means your slippage is too low. If your slippage value is reasonable, that means there was a big fluctuation in the price of the token right before your swap due to a lot or big buys coming in from other traders.

For snipes, that means your Max ETH value you set was too low to buy a max bag. During snipes, it is attempting to buy you a maximum amount of tokens possible. Max bag is the maximum amount of tokens a wallet can buy on launch. This is a anti-whale feature implemented by the project dev. If your Max ETH is indeed low, consider raising it to hit snipes more successfully. If your Max ETH is reasonable (recommended 0.12), that means your snipe was slow or the token sniped was high liquidity. In both cases it is a built in security feature so your snipes aren't late and hit unsafe snipes.

This means that the transaction was rejected by the blockchain due to insufficient balance + max gas cost or due to a nonce issue. If your ETH balance looks like it may be too low to afford the transaction, add more ETH to the wallet before attempting to swap again. Note that it is required to have enough balance to cover the maximum gas cost. In some cases when the gas is high the max gas cost can go up to 0.15. In rare cases it may even go higher than that. Usually max gas is around 0.03-0.08 ETH. This is the maximum possible gas cost of the transaction, so it will not spend this amount. It will spend a lot lower depending on traffic.

If your wallet balance is reasonable, then that means it was a nonce issue. Check to see if you have a stuck transaction before trying again. Currently users need to do this manually but we will have a feature to fix nonce issues automatically in the future.

The underlying meaning for the STF failure is due to trying to transfer a that isn't approved. We send approve transactions for all swaps on Unibot that require approval, so hitting this error is not due to an error on our part. Likely scenario for hitting this error while using Unibot is that the token is honeypotted.

This means your wallet balance was not enough to perform the transaction. Wallet balance must be high enough to cover Eth spent + max gas cost.

This means that your private transaction was not seen on chain after 70 seconds. The most likely reason for this is because your wallet balance is not high enough for the transaction cost plus max gas. The extremely unlikely scenario is that 6 blocks in a row did not support private transactions.

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