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How can I change my gas settings?

In our Telegram bot you can choose between our 3 preset gas strategies, as well as specify a custom tip (optional). Check the screenshot tutorial below on where to do it, and refer to our Adaptive Gas page for more details.


Transactions are sent privately by default in Easy Mode.

  1. Gas Settings - Choose between the available Adaptive Gas strategies and add a custom Tip (optional).

  2. Wallet Balances - Shows the ETH and USDC balance on each of your 3 Unibot wallets, for each of the integrated blockchains.

  3. Uni X - Opens a small popup window to the Buy Tokens screen on Unibot X, our integrated trading terminal.

  4. Select Wallets - Choose which wallets you want to buy with. You can enable multiple wallets to buy with many at once.

  5. Buy With - Choose whether you are buying with ETH or USDC. All selected wallets should have sufficient balance.

  6. Buy Amount - Choose from preset ETH amounts to buy with, or enter a custom amount.

  7. Custom Buy Amount - Click the button once to enable it, then click the button again to enter your custom value.

  8. Enter Token Address - Enter the address of the token you want to buy. After entering, your buy will immediately be triggered.

  • Buy Tokens - Return to the buy menu.

  • Chart & Scan - Show the token's chart, and scan for token heuristics (e.g. honeypot check)

  • Support Ticket - Open a support ticket in relation to this specific transaction.

  • Main Menu - Return to the main menu.

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