🪞Copy Trade

Copy Trade is only available through the Telegram Bot. It will be added to Unibot X at a later time.


Why didn't my Copy Trade trigger?

Copy Trade currently only supports copying Uniswap router functions (V2, V3, multicall, execute, etc). Swaps made through custom functions or other routers such as 1inch are not supported for copy trading. We will improve Copy Trade over time.

Does Copy Trade also copy sells?

No, currently Copy Trade only copies buys. Support for copying sells will be added at a later time.


  • Sniper Status - Choose which wallets you want to enable Copy Trade. All enabled wallets will copy in parallel. There should be at least one address added as described below before you can enable wallets.

  • Buy Amount - The maximum amount of ETH you will use for a single copy trade. Your targeted trader's ETH amount is copied up until it exceeds your Buy Amount.

  • Add Addresses - Enter one or more ETH addresses seperated by commas. After adding, your enabled wallets will be waiting for trades to copy.

  • Remove Addresses - Enter one or more ETH addresses seperated by commas. After removing, their trades will be ignored.

  • Add Addresses - Enter the addresses of traders you want to copy, seperated by commas. You can add multiple times.

  • Your Mirror List: Addresses you have added for Copy Trade are presented in a list.

  • Sniper Status: Clicking on a wallet will toggle Copy Trade on/off for that wallet.

  • Sniper Settings: The summary appears because at least one wallet is enabled.

  • Copy Trade - Return to the copy trade menu.

  • Main Menu - Return to the main menu.

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