What is the token address of UNIBOT?

The UNIBOT token is deployed on the Ethereum network at 0xf819d9Cb1c2A819Fd991781A822dE3ca8607c3C9.

What are the tokenomics of UNIBOT?
  • The project had a Fair Launch, which means that 100% of the token supply was added to liquidity at launch.

  • 1M tokens. Fully circulating and non-dilutive.

  • 4% tax on UNIBOT traded as follows: 1% to LP | 2% to holders | 1% to team and operating expenses.

  • 40% of bot transaction fees to holders.

  • Be a holder of 10 UNIBOT tokens or more to be entitled to revenue sharing.

What are the benefits of holding UNIBOT?

Holding 10 UNIBOT tokens or more entitles you to a number of benefits:

In addition, your UNIBOT holdings may entitle you to a fee reduction through our Loyalty Program.

What was the token migration?

On June 12, 2023 the UNIBOT token was migrated from the V1 token contract (now deprecated) to the V2 token contract. During migration there was a multi-day timeframe for users to voluntarily migrate their tokens. Afterwards, a snapshot was taken of those remaining addresses, with late claims remaining open indefinitely on our Claims website. Migrating on-time was rewarded with a boosted holder revenue share until September 2023.

Why was there a token migration?

The context surrounding the token migration is fully explained in our Medium article that was released at the time.

In essence, the community voted in favour of a token migration for the following reasons:

  1. Replacement of the auto-LP burn built into the token contract with auto-LP add.

  2. The un-burning of tokens destroyed by auto-LP burn and use them for additional liquidity at the time of token migration.

  3. The team to retain ownership, to enable the reduction of swap tax over time.

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