🤖Using Unibot

What are the fees for using Unibot?
  • Transactions through Unibot incur a fee of between 0.5% to 1%.

  • The default fee is 1%, however you can reduce your fees by up to 50% through our Loyalty Program.

How are fees deducted?

Whenever you trade through Unibot, your trading wallets interact with the Unibot router contract. If you buy a token, the router contract will deduct the fee from your ETH input amount. If you sell a token, the fee is deducted from your ETH output amount.

Is Unibot secure?
  • Private keys are encrypted using industry standard encryption. No one has access to it. Not on our server, database, or stored on website, etc.

  • Unlike CEX, users have access to their private keys of Unibot generated trading wallets. You can import your keys to Metamask and have full control over your funds in Unibot at any time

  • Always treat your wallet as a hot wallet.

  • We'll be upgrading features to bring more comfort over your wallet security in the future. E.g. auto-transfer ETH out when your balance exceeds a custom threshold amount.

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