📉Sell Tokens


Why isn't my token in the list of available tokens to sell?

Each token balance must be worth at least 0.01 ETH to appear in the list of sellable tokens. On the ETH network, selling tokens worth less than 0.01 ETH will rarely be worth the gas costs.

How can I change my gas settings?

In our Telegram bot you can choose between our 3 preset gas strategies and specify a custom additional tip amount. Refer to our Adaptive Gas tutorial.


  • Private Tx - Choose whether or not to send the transaction privately.

  • Fail Guard - Simulate the transaction to reduce the chance of failure.

  • Frontrun - Pay a higher priority gas fee for a chance to frontrun other transactions.

  • Sell Amount - Choose the % amount of tokens to be sold.

  • Select Tokens To Sell - The tokens held by each of your wallets is presented in a numbered list. Enter the list number of the token you want to sell. In the example above, entering "3" would sell HEX tokens being held on wallet 2. After entering, your sell will immediately be triggered.

  • Slippage - The section for customizing slippage is visible because Private Tx is disabled.

  • Sell Tokens - Return to the sell menu.

  • Chart & Scan - Show the token's chart, and scan for token heuristics (e.g. honeypot check)

  • Support Ticket - Open a support ticket in relation to this specific transaction.

  • Main Menu - Return to the main menu.

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