☀️First-Time User

Get started with Unibot by following these quick & easy steps!

The Telegram Bot is where all new Unibot users get started.

  1. Access the Telegram Bot by clicking this link.

  2. Click the Start button, or enter /start in the bot if the chat window is already open.

  3. Send at least 0.02 ETH to your newly generated wallet(s) to use for trading.

  4. That's it! Now you can continue using the Telegram Bot, or switch to Unibot X for trading.

  5. You will find tutorials in the Product Guides. For example, try to buy a token through Unibot.

Why do I need to send at least 0.02 ETH to my trading wallet(s)?

Wallets that have less than 0.01 ETH are considered to be inactive for trading, and our system will ignore them. Balances of this size are insufficient to pay for Ethereum gas costs.

Having at least 0.02 ETH ensures that you won't face any issues with gas.

How do I access Unibot X?
  1. Click the 🖥️ Uni-X button in the bottom-left of the Telegram Bot /menu.

  2. By clicking the Open Unibot-X button, an authentication link will be generated for you to access Unibot X. Do not share these links as they enable access to your trading wallets.

  3. Your browser will open the Unibot X web app, authenticate you, and save your session locally. You will from then onwards be able to access Unibot X directly, without going through the Telegram Bot.

Is there an interactive guide for using Unibot X?

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