🔑Private Key Management

Any actions related to private keys are performed in Unibot Cloud, our dedicated Web App. Unibot Cloud ensures that your private keys are kept safe and never get leaked in Telegram chat logs.

Unibot Cloud - our Web App dedicated to private key management - can only be accessed through our Telegram bot. Access via Unibot X will come at a later time.

How to access

  1. /menu in the Telegram bot.

  2. Click ⚙️ Settings.

  3. Click Replace Wallet, Import Wallet, or Private Keys as desired.

Securing your keys

  • Add an additional layer of security to your private keys by adding a password.

  • Go to ⚙️ Settings > Set Password

  • After setting a password, your private keys cannot be exported without the correct password being entered.

  • You must remember your password. There is no password recovery process if you forget.


  • Replace Wallet is used to generate a new Unibot trading wallet, and have it replace your chosen wallet.

  • Simply choose which wallet you want to replace in order to proceed.

  • Your wallet will be replaced immediately and permanently upon clicking w1, w2 or w3.

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