🎯Token Sniper

Token Sniper is only available through the Telegram Bot. It will be added to Unibot X at a later time.


If you have First or Fail enabled and you are unsuccessful in winning the token snipe, you will not receive an alert. Check the FAQ below for more details.

How do I find tokens to snipe?

For new users we recommend using the Auto Sniper. This feature will automatically join the snipes of any tokens that are popular with other Unibot snipers.

Otherwise, we highly recommend using our Token Scanner Channel.

  1. This channel sends an alert on any new token deployments. When an alert includes the Method Sniper button, you can click it to automatically add the token to your snipe list.

  2. The Ongoing Snipes of other Unibot snipers are frequently posted to the channel. You can click Opt-in to seamlessly add the token to your snipe list.

Why didn't my Token Sniper work with First or Fail enabled?

There are multiple reasons why your snipe may not have worked with First or Fail enabled:

  1. If you have First or Fail enabled, your snipe will only succeed if the total Tip of all Unibot snipers is more than the tip of non-Unibot sniper bundles.

  2. The token owner used a private transaction to launch trading.

  3. Rarely (<10%) an Ethereum block will not be an MEV block, meaning no sniper bundles would succeed.

What happens if Token Sniper and Auto Sniper trigger on the same token?

Token Sniper takes precedence over Auto Sniper. Only one snipe will take place.

How to access

  1. /menu in the Telegram bot.

  2. Click Snipers (ERC-20).

  3. Choose between Token Sniper or Auto Sniper.

πŸ’°Setting your tip/bribe

  • The tip (otherwise known as bribe) is necessary in order to succeed at token snipes.

  • When the total tip of all Unibotters sniping a token is higher than our competitors, the Unibot users will win the token snipe.

  • Therefore, every Unibot sniper plays an important role in the collective success.

  1. Click Tip.

  2. You will be prompted to enter your custom amount in GWEI or ETH terms. E.g. 0.01 eth or 60 gwei.

  3. If you enter in ETH terms, it will be automatically converted into the equivalent GWEI. Either way, you're done!

The most important setting is the Tip! Usually snipers will tip at least 60 GWEI (i.e. 0.01 ETH) and even up to 600 GWEI (i.e. 0.1 ETH) or more for highly competitive snipes. Just remember that every enabled wallet pays the tip.


  1. Running Snipers - Summary view of the sniper status for each of your wallets. You can click the wallet name to quickly toggle on 🟒 and off πŸ”΄ status.

  2. Choose which type of sniper you want to access. Token Sniper - Target specific token addresses for sniping. Auto Sniper - Automatically snipe tokens which are popular with other Unibot snipers. Mirror Sniper - Our Copy Trade feature which will be upgraded in the coming weeks.

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