Adaptive Gas

Unibot offers 3 gas strategies which continuously adapt to other transactions on the network, ensuring that Unibot user transactions succeed without overpaying for gas.

The Smart strategy is recommended for most users and chosen by default.


What do the gas strategies mean?

Unibot's gas analyzer scans the network to learn the distribution of gas prices used, and identify optimal gas price parameters. Users can choose between 3 strategies:

  1. Eco mode: Maximizes gas saving, but may occasionally take an additional block for your transaction to be confirmed.

  2. Smart mode: A balance between Eco and Aggressive mode. Beats most competitor's gas while not overpaying. Gets your transaction confirmed as fast as possible.

  3. Aggressive mode: Use higher gas to frontrun and beat the competition.

What is a Tip?

The Ethereum network introduced the "priority fee" (i.e. tipping) with EIP-1559. Essentially, paying a tip incentivises Ethereum validators to include your transaction sooner.


The Gas Settings can be found in the Buy or Sell menus in the Telegram bot.

  • Clicking any option between Eco, Smart or Aggr will change your gas strategy to the option chosen.

  • Clicking Tip prompts you to enter a custom tip amount. The tip is added on top of your chosen gas strategy.

  • Clicking Info shows the Info Summary below.

The Info Summary shows the following:

  1. A description of each gas strategy.

  2. The tip used by each of the gas strategies, continuously updated by Unibot's network gas analyzer.

  3. A summary of the tips used by our competitors, based off cluster analysis. This data feeds into our gas strategies.

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