💵Revenue Sharing

How does revenue sharing work?
  • Must hold a minimum of 10 UNIBOT tokens.

  • No staking or lockup. Just hold the tokens.

  • Revenue share is distributed in ETH by default.

  • Claiming rewards claims all available unclaimed rewards and requires a minimum of 0.1 ETH accumulated.

  • You can sell or transfer up to 200 UNIBOT every reward epoch (2 hours) without penalty. If you exceed this amount, all unclaimed rewards will be forfeited back into the rewards pool. This does not apply to referral rewards.

  • By default auto-compounding is enabled, which means that your ETH rewards are automatically swapped for UNIBOT, which will entitle you to a bigger share of the revenue. If desired, this can be disabled.

  • To claim your rewards, connect to your wallet on the rewards dashboard.

What is my revenue share comprised of?
  • 40% of all bot transaction fees incurred.

  • 2% of all UNIBOT volume traded.

  • Must hold at least 10 $UNIBOT tokens.

How do I claim my revenue sharing rewards?

To claim your rewards, connect to your wallet on the rewards dashboard.

Why can't I connect my wallet to the rewards dashboard?

We currently can only guarantee support for Metamask wallet. If you are having issues, make sure that any web wallet extension other than Metamask is disabled in your browser (e.g. Phantom wallet).

How does auto-compounding work?
  • Must hold at least 10 UNIBOT tokens.

  • ETH earned from the revenue share is automatically swapped for UNIBOT.

  • Your accumulated UNIBOT contributes to your revenue share calculation without needing to be claimed.

  • UNIBOT bought via auto-compounding has 0% tax instead of the typical 4%.

  • Auto-compounded rewards can be claimed after 1 UNIBOT is accumulated.

How do I turn on/off auto-compounding?
  1. Connect to your wallet in the rewards dashboard.

  2. Click the button in the top right which says "User Rewards Settings" when you hover over it, and toggle the setting as desired.

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